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954 W 5th Ave.Suite #7
Columbus, Ohio 43212


Your hairstyle is an expression, a reflection, an icon of yourself. It should make a statement and I'm here to help you make yours.

A master hair stylist providing full service hair care, color, cutting and styling solutions. Located in Columbus, Ohio.



Jody D.

Jody D.

Jody grew up in NW Ohio graduating from the University of Toledo. Making way to the windy city of Chicago, he spent the next few years working for Richair Interiors, a firm specializing in high-end residential interiors. His gift for design and style followed him back to Columbus, Ohio where he made ground in the beauty industry. Staying in tune with his craft, Jody seeks out continued knowledge and skill through attending such venues as L’Oreal in New York and Prive in Los Angeles. A constant evolution of creativity and personal growth is what keeps Jody so passionate about his work.