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Your hairstyle is an expression, a reflection, an icon of yourself. It should make a statement and I'm here to help you make yours.

A master hair stylist providing full service hair care, color, cutting and styling solutions. Located in Columbus, Ohio.

Working With Your Hairstylist


Working With Your Hairstylist

Jody Dierksheide

"I make sure my clients know what shampoo, conditioner, and style products I use through the steps of their hairstyle."  - Jody Dierksheide

Hair is a very personal part of our look. We have a deep attachment to it. Hair conveys our persona and individuality, like a signature outfit you never take off. And a key to achieving the best style for you is through a relationship of communication with your stylist. 

One favorite tool of communication in the salon is a picture. A picture does after all say a thousand words. I have had a few clients tell me that their stylist didn’t like pictures of hairstyles. For what reason, I could never guess, since they are a visual asset in this business. 

I encourage photos of any kind because they can convey many different elements of a style you want to achieve. Be prepared to express what you like about the photo; is it the layers, the length, the movement, the color and low-lights? Explore every direction you can so we can achieve the best result together. Communication, in our profession, is essential to the success of your experience, and a photo can add a lot of clarity to your words.

Another way to better your salon experience is to share your styling routine with your stylist. For instance, how much time are you willing to dedicate to styling on a daily basis? This information can be the difference between choosing a cut that requires precise flat ironing to keep it sleek or a carefree wash and wear style. And a great stylist will share their expertise styling tips to make your morning routine easier. 

Be open to styling & finishing products because this can make all the difference in the world. On rare occasions I’ve had a client say, “I don’t like any product in my hair.” I will always work within those guidelines, but truthfully, professional styling combined with finishing products are just like the culinary ingredients needed to make a perfect dish. I read a quote once, from Meg Ryan’s hairstylist, who said, “A great hairstyle is 50% haircut and 50% product.”  I’m not sure if I personally agree with those exact proportions, but it’s really pretty close. Creating long lasting volume or a silky smooth finish can be achieved with great ease when using the right product. 

I make sure my clients know what shampoo, conditioner, and style products I use through the steps of their hairstyle. What I choose has a purpose specifically for them and their lifestyle. Stylists truly want you to be able to recreate your look after you leave the salon chair, and given the right tools, you will look fantastic every day. 

In the end, your hairstylist is a licensed professional, and making a connection through honest and open communication is just as important as communicating with your doctor, lawyer, or dentist. Get to know your stylist and express your expectations, your concerns, your wishes, and your challenges. Then let the expertise of your stylist  create the perfect cut and color to best suit you. 

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