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Your hairstyle is an expression, a reflection, an icon of yourself. It should make a statement and I'm here to help you make yours.

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What’s My Best Length: Factors to Consider


What’s My Best Length: Factors to Consider

Jody Dierksheide

The length and cut of your hair can really make or break your look. 

There are no set rules for hair length anymore. No one is bound to a certain length by their age, profession, or even motherhood. We can all go long, short, or somewhere in between, but there are important factors to consider when making the choice whether to cut or grow.

Before embarking on a new cut, I ask my clients, “How much time do you spend styling your hair in the morning?” This simple question is actually multiple questions in one that are necessary to figure out what cut would work best for every aspect of YOU.

Do you like to wash and go, or is taking time for blow-drying and using hot tools more of your routine? Do you always put a suit, or is your day-to-day less restrictive? Once we begin to figure out what’s ideal for your lifestyle, from there I look at texture, density, growth patterns, face shape, and even more factors to clarify what length will be best for you.

Let’s start with short hair cuts. A lot of women are scared to take the leap and go short, but this length can be ideal if you really want your facial features to pop. If you’ve got gorgeous eyes or prominent cheekbones, a short cut is often the best way to showcase them. Fine, thin hair works especially well with a short, layered cut, because while long styles often highlight the thinness, going short can make your hair look fuller, thicker, and healthier. For this style, I like enough length to be able to bend around a small round brush.

For medium to thick hair, a short, shaggy, layered cut can be an easy morning wash and go hairstyle.

If a tidy pixie or short bob aren’t your style, you may consider going for a medium length cut. Medium length hair works wonderfully on so many people. It’s still short enough to be able to cut into a defined style to give you a distinct look, yet long enough to provide a little more versatility.

If you want to look chic and edgy, a blunt design line at this length can really make an impact. And if you want to maximize fullness, a medium length cut with layers can be ideal, because once you go longer, the weight of extra length will begin to pull some of the fullness and bounce out of your hair.

If you’re going to work every day in a suit, medium length hair will always appear professional and stylish without too much fuss.

Lastly there is long hair. I have clients with thick, course hair and a longer length is often the best option for them. If your hair is wavy, curly, or even straight, the length adds to the weight and can be very helpful in maintaining a much more manageable hairstyle. With curly, course hair, adding layering throughout will keep a better shape and the length will give more control to the curl.

Thick hair is often at its best long. The length keeps the width proportional to avoid the dreaded ‘mushroom effect’ that can happen when someone with thick hair gets the wrong short cut. The long length is ideal if you really want a lot of versatility in your hair and have the time each day to play with your locks.

The length and cut of your hair can really make or break your look. In the end, all of these factors and more go into deciding the best length for you, and an experienced stylist will know how much to cut to hit just the right note.

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